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How to go through the offence part II

Usually the pain of resentment pushes us back a step, to the desire for revenge. Sometimes the anger is growing, and it comes to the point that you start to look the other way, meeting with the man in the hallway, or release caustic remarks behind his back.


How to survive the offense?

We often feel rejected, neglected, undervalued and believe that did not get the respect that in its feeling deserve. How to learn to not to be offended about nothing? And what if we always want to offend me? Learn more with our omegle chat blog.


4 traits of the ideal woman

Writer Anthony D'Ambrosio about what should be "the chosen one" woman.


Keys to happy union

There are a number of conditions, it is necessary for the happiness of two. We have chosen six of the most, in our opinion, important. And although our relative importance at different points in the life of a pair can vary, each condition must always be part of the partner relationship.


How to stop worrying before the first date

Life is stressful and unpredictable situations, and an event such as a first date - more than a serious reason for concern ... But excessive nervousness can spoil the whole thing. How to overcome your fear? Here are four simple advices from a psychologist Olivia Remens.