How to stop worrying before the first date

Life is stressful and unpredictable situations, and an event such as a first date - more than a serious reason for concern ... But excessive nervousness can spoil the whole thing. How to overcome your fear? Here are four simple advices from a psychologist Olivia Remens. Learn more with our omegle chat alternative blog. Particularly, our sensitive nature experience gets us almost around the clock. Very often it is about the worried women and young men. They may withdraw from themselves the entire store, the boss comments or rain outside the window. What to say about the first date. You twist the mirror, and you think you look fat in this skirt, sweater and its spoils the complexion. Are you afraid that you cannot maintain a conversation or say something wrong? Gradually the panic attack begins: you are sweating, pounding, and everything goes wrong. You knocked out of the rut and do not want to go anywhere. However, concern can be and must be fought.

1. Do not think about the bad

People love to speculate about what will happen if something goes wrong. Such thoughts are not only lead to discouragement and a feeling of helplessness, but also increase the production of stress hormones. If on the first date you want to be charming and relaxed, do not focus on negative thoughts. Once you feel that dark thoughts brewing in my head, try not to pay attention to it, just let it go. Think of that negative thought - this is just a thought, one of the many thousands. They are happy and sad, exciting and not very good, but they are, and this idea too shall pass. If you are already in the grip of stress, try the following meditation practice: focus on your breathing and, as soon as a negative thought, begin to breathe deeply. Do not let yourself inspire feelings, breathe evenly.

2. Look fear straight in the eyes

This advice is not only suitable for situations with a date, but also to get rid of any fear. The man is afraid of everything new and unknown. The more you find yourself in situations that feel "at ease", the more familiar they become understandable and. Avoid crowded events? So, you need to visit them. For the first time come for 15 minutes and a little talk with someone face to face. Try to spend A week when you stay for half an hour and talk with several people. Furthermore, after a couple of months, you will remember this phobia with a smile. Thus, the more you go on a date, the easier it is to treat them.

3. Stop the inner conversation

Thinking about what might happen, or fantasies of future unpleasant events that do not lead to anything but increased anxiety. If you need to solve the problem, solve it as quickly as possible, without unnecessary emotions and thoughts. Psychologists call this approach the problem-focused solution. Instead of worrying about how you look, try to learn more about the person who sits in front of you those of us who are able to focus on solving problems, have better mental health, a positive attitude and great successes in life, compared to those who are in the power of emotions. If someone told you something that you are concerned, talk to that person honest, instead of coming up with different scenarios.