Tired of looking for a partner? Tips to Consolidate It

A considerable number of people nowadays want to change their sentimental situation, they want to go from singles, sol or s, to married or with couple; however, a certain number of them are frustrated with their yearnings and end up with the empty nest. Their aspirations are wrecked by various causes. Some decide to give up and others persist in time. The latter, between each connate of couple stacks disappointments. And the former, despite their resignation, continue hoping to find someone and formalize a couple. In any case, frustration is common; which is not measured by the number of failures, but by the depth of the emotions perceived by each. Learn more with our blog and check out our chatroulette alternative.

Precisely in this article I want to address those people who persist in their efforts to change their love status.

These types of singles need to know, first of all, that the application of magic formulas or only behavioral strategies is usually insufficient. When a person counts by "tons" the pseudo-pairs, or, it has practically no relations to count; No doubt, we are talking about an exaggeration, two extremes and a clear symptom that the source of his sentimental frustration lies in his emotions, his unconscious mind.

Tips for guiding people who wish to have a lasting relationship

Not without noting before, that what is written in this article is based on the mentioned book and the objective is to generate the restlessness, the reflection and a beginning for the identification of the emotional conflict. We will start with behavioral recommendations and go deeper into the emotional ones; which puts the sequence in relevance, since we first need to revise at the elementary levels; Given that it is possible for a person to achieve his purpose, applying merely behavioral aspects. If you are looking for some fun – you can have it with our random text chat.


At this point it is relevant that the person clearly defines his purpose. If you have ever had a sentimental relationship, even for an hour, your request is not to find a partner, but to consolidate a relationship. All people are naturally by nature able to generate attraction in the opposite sex, there are few cases - not to fall into absolutisms - that an older person has never had some kind of romantic or sexual encounter with another. Human beings possess the ability to generate at least sexual desire, it is authentic biology. It is our instinct for conservation that operates without our being aware of it. Our unconscious does not have time, the measure or quantity of it is an unprovable value. Therefore, any sexual or sentimental encounter however short, the unconscious receives it as "having a partner," regardless of how long. Conscious and unconscious need to be coherent and attuned to achieve the goal, so you have to specify; Establishing a readable language for the mind (composed of conscious and unconscious), that allows to achieve the purpose, which, seen what is observed is: consolidate a relationship.

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