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Adult chat rules and regulations

  • The chat rooms for adults are completely FREE!
  • By entering our site, you agree that you’re at least eighteen (18) years old. We don’t discriminate depending on sex, age or race, provided you’ve qualified to be on our site. Therefore, if you’re underage, kindly leave the site now.
  • If you’re looking for a less crowded, more steamy ‘anything goes’ kind of chat, kindly go to our new chat room which is only for the mature members.
  • We don’t allow Proxy or VPN connections. If you’ll need to utilize one, fist contact us so that we can attempt to whitelist that IP. Nevertheless, identification protocols should first be passed.
  • Both versions can be accessed through compatible devices like Android tablets and smartphones or iPhones.
  • Users that are experiencing issues connection can try out the modern alternate version by following the link at the page’s top.
  • Sex chat isn’t exactly the intention of this page, although we understand that everyone on this site is grown up and mature. Try to avoid posting any explicit material for the public. Kindly use the private message feature for that purpose.
  • No emails, instant messages IDs like Kik or Skype or phone numbers should be posted publicly.
  • No streaming any underage pornography or soliciting on the web cam.
  • Providing webcam and other services in exchange of gift cards or money on this site has been strictly prohibited as it may result into a PERMANENT termination of your membership.
  • Pic trading has also been strictly prohibited, although you can share uploads in the chat room.
  • Uploading pics of underage users has been strictly forbidden as it might lead to critical punishment. Kindly report to the site moderator or administrator immediately if you notice this happening.
  • Don’t disrupt or flood other members in any manner as you’ll be banned for doing so.
  • Don’t repeat or scroll post and flood photos. We recommend that you take reasonable time off in between.
  • Don’t distribute or share any content that you don’t own. This includes content that is privately owned or copyright protected such as personal information, pictures and private messages.
  • Any suspicious activity associate with exploitation of chat members should be reported to the moderator or administrator immediately.
  • Don’t give out your personal details to anyone through this site, regardless of how much one trusts them.
  • Although our site has moderators, they can’t be available at all times.
  • Kindly use the provided ‘IGNORE’ tool to block anyone bothering you.
  • Please post in ENGLISH at the main chat without using capital letters.
  • Exploiting or hacking a chat is an offense that is punishable by law. We’ve logs and we’ll report anyone that does to ISP or Police.
  • Avoid using certain words like c-word, n-word as well as any word associated with racism, homophobia and sexism, as doing so might get one kicked.
  • Any user attempting to hack or exploit our adult chat rooms will get a PERMANENT server ban.
  • Please choose another room at the drop down menu below, if you don’t find this one suitable for you.