Random Chat

Welcome to chat random - a unique service that allows you to meet new people. As simple, as in other services by sending instant messages: you write a message the other party, and it immediately appears on its screen. This is a great choice if you do not want to sit in the chat with random people and write messages to random people (who will be surprised and will ask you a bunch of questions or just throw in your ignore list). Also here you will move away from the standard templates and boring conversations that terribly bored in social networks.

5 advantages of the chat:

  1. Ease of use - there is heaps of buttons with some settings. There is a window for writing messages, the button for sending the message and to disconnect you from the conversation in random cam chat. Search companion program executes automatically when you click "start conversations".
  2. Privacy - nobody will find your contact information. You can specify a neutral nickname and safely communicate with stranger at random text chat. If you wish to continue the dialogue in another place you can exchange contacts.
  3. Safety - you do not need to install software on your PC. In addition, there is no spam, and the site is secure from viruses. Therefore, we guarantee the security of your computer.
  4. Compatible with devices - go to chat through any device: computer, phone, tablet, etc. You can chat while traveling on the train or during the execution of projects in the cafe, if you are bored. Our random chat video together perfectly compatible with all modern devices and operating systems.
  5. Speed - chat together quickly searches interlocutor, and messages are sent instantly. No delay is guaranteed in advance.

Find a buddy now! You do not need to register and wait for the approval of the application. Just click on "start a conversation" and you will find a companion for a few seconds with our random webcam chat.

You cannot do next things:

  • To speak of physical violence;
  • To condemn a man for his nationality, religion or race;
  • Swearing and rude behavior with chat with random strangers.
  • Prohibited any sexual aggression;
  • Touching genitals;
  • Offers virtual sex;
  • Turning on the camera in those moments when you're in your underwear or without it;
  • Using sexual verbs;
  • Aiming the camera at the genitals;
  • You cannot change the picture;
  • Use camera emulators at random stranger chat;
  • Bridging the camera to messages or photos;
  • Bridging the camera to other devices: TV, laptop, smart phone and so on.
  • Banned any open and hidden advertising:
  • Links to other random chat with strangers;
  • The repetition of the same message (spam);
  • Mailing of advertising messages at chat random strangers site;
  • Requests for assistance: donations, voting in a competition, the entry into the group, etc.

How to punish the offender?

In our free random chat experienced moderators who act quickly. They keep order round the clock, and they do not have days off and lunch breaks. If someone violates the rules and prevents you communicate or offends you, then write to the moderator. Be sure to take a photo of violation, so that the moderator had reason to lock the intruder. Remember, there is no evidence - there is no lock.

Not always banyat users manually. If the offender receives a large volume of complaints, the program blocks it without the intervention of the moderators. At the same time we guarantee the correctness of the system works (chat a few years of existence have been no accidental ban at our chat with random girls).

Help us in tracking the order and be sure to tell if you see a violation on the part of users in random web chat. This will improve our service and help people get rid of the intruder that interferes with comfortable communication in random adult chat.