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Tired of looking for a partner? Tips to Consolidate It

A considerable number of people nowadays want to change their sentimental situation, they want to go from singles, sol or s, to married or with couple; however, a certain number of them are frustrated with their yearnings and end up with the empty nest.

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The first sexual relationship and its effects on future relationships

Recent research finds that the way in which the first sexual experience occurred during adolescence and romantic ties in adulthood is related. Welcome to our blog and join our chatroulette alternative.


Some reasons and reasons why couples argue

The couples discuss, solve the problem, re-discuss and so on all the time, as if it were a whiting that bites its tail. Sometimes these "fights" between the two members of a sentimental relationship arise for reasons of little importance and can be extended for hours or even days.

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Infidelity is a natural tendency?

It strikes me that what concerns all the issues relating to love or relationships. Needless to say, when the word "infidelity" is named, the hairs of many people are erected, at some point that word or tendency has passed through our heads.

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How does money influence the relationship?

Traditionally it was the man who had the economic support of the family. In the last ten years, women have displaced men in managerial and operational positions such as financial institutions, in the service sector, in the commercial sector.

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