How does money influence the relationship?

Traditionally it was the man who had the economic support of the family. In the last ten years, women have displaced men in managerial and operational positions such as financial institutions, in the service sector, in the commercial sector. Learn more with our chat alternative blog.

Especially in young marriages, women tend to have more job stability, which means that they have to assume functions that they did not have before. Apart from being a mother, taking responsibility in the organization of her house, she has to assume much of the economic support of the family, because accentuated by the current economic crisis; man does not have the same job stability.

One of the causes of what is happening today; in relation to the greater field of work of women are the following:

  • In the financial sector it has been proven that women are first more organized, more committed to work, and less bribed.
  • In the service sector we see that apart from the reasons stated above the woman has a greater capacity in interpersonal relationships and of course in customer service. Taking into account their femininity.
  • In the commercial sector, for example: chains of department stores, we see the large number of women working and their dedication and dedication to work must be valued.
  • Women today have many micro-enterprises (clothing, food, handicrafts)
  • All these factors must be taken into account in order to analyze how the money affects the relationship. People should know this reality that we are presented and taking into account this problematic to be able to unite in pair without this generates conflicts.

At present the economic crisis has caused many marriages to dissolve. According to some statistics the economic problem in the relationship is the most frequent cause of separations. We all know that through money you gain power. If one partner gains more than the other and uses it as a means of power, to dominate, mistreat or subdue, humiliate the other person, a conflict is formed. In a healthy couple, money should not be an element for the struggle for power but rather a means to meet the needs of the family. By the way, welcome to our text chat!

Negative consequences of money on the couple

  • Work can become such a gratifying element that the time spent to produce it makes the family dysfunctional, turns the home into a hotel type (family breakup)
  • It can destroy at any given moment the image that has a spouse of itself or the other, for example in our culture the man who does not produce damages his image, but if the woman is the non-productive, nothing happens.
  • There are people who believe that money is affection and they forget to give affection, dialogue, and understanding to their spouse and children. Even fulfilling this role of satisfying basic needs, they fail to fill the other gaps
  • There are people with great economic power. There are two ways to give money, one is with love and the other with sadism. These latter give but after they have made suffer, mistreat, curse, etc., this is a pathological form of giving.
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