Top 8 tips of successful dates

Top 8 tips of successful dates

How to turn your regular romantic meeting into unforgettable memories and experience? 8 useful recommendations for girls who want to have the best romantic date.

It is finished: the handsome guy from roulette chat invited you to a date. How you make this long-awaited meeting was successful? How to overcome the embarrassment? How you make an unforgettable impression? Well, we offer few simple tips that help you make a romantic encounter unforgettable.

Think about the date

It shouldn't be just the next day of our acquaintance to flee on a date. So, give to you little time to pay some attention to meeting and get together. Cancel or do all the work, consider the appearance that nothing distracts from the conversation and fun.

Choose a cozy place

It's so important that cafe or restaurant wasn't being too much presentable. Note that the whole meeting was held not too official. Then, atmosphere will be much more relaxed and this terrible feeling of awkwardness, shy or embarrassment will pass before. In addition, the requirements of the dress code and etiquette wouldn't weigh down your thoughts.

Right purpose of dating

Remember, the purpose of the meeting is to know something new about person. Even if you like him, don't overdo with strange stories about your personal expression and favors.

Think about the style of clothes

Of course, the dress will depend on the place where the appointment. Be reasonable compliance to situation. Don't forget about accuracy and chis in your hair. Add romantic fragrance of perfume. Your shoes should be very comfortable and clean. Do not overdo it with accessories. Still, you're going on a date, and not on the ball.

In conversation discuss neutral topics

Without knowing a person it can be affected by painful for his themes. Try to maintain with interlocutor simple pleasant conversation, don't focus on the fundamental moment for you. Do not blame position of your partner, because this is just first date. Maybe, both of you just trying to invent artistically, trying to please other.

Fresh breath

Make a pleasant breath. Think about simple hygiene products: wipes, chapstick, etc. Remember, neatness isn't immediately apparent, but its absence can be a deciding factor.

Do not talk about past relationships

You need to leave the past in past. You have a meeting with new person in your new life. So give this guy an opportunity to make new story together with clean slate.

Remember of punctuality

Try not to go up to a multiple of "sorry" significant delay. It never gives an honor to you. In case of force majeure, you need to be sure to tell your partner by phone.

In general, behave naturally. Do not try to be better than then you are.

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