Chat Rules and Regulations

Following the rules at our site is necessary if people want to avoid getting banned. Our team has experts that watch the web cams in order to keep our video chat saved 24\7. If people follow our small list of rules, they won’t experience any kind of troubles. Anyway, if user chooses to not follow our main rules, he will be banned from the chat and will be not able to continue using our service.

1. Since we allow nudity, users must be at least 20 years or older to join our chat. If people use this chat and they are underage, they will be instantly kicked.

2. Acting rude is not tolerated. If users insult other people or attempt to hurt them in any kind of way, they will be kicked from this portal.

3. It’s necessary for users to report any kind of inappropriate behavior if they notice it. Also our team has brilliant moderators and we need them to lend a helping tool to make this a best chat.

4. Annoying is not permitted on this chat. If people are caught using fake web cam software tools they will be immediately kicked.

5. Illegal actions such as using drugs on web cam or performing actions of violence on cam are not adorable. If caught doing such stuff on webcam, user will be instantly kicked and his IP will be send to his local authorities.