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Our dating chat room is among the most popular ones in the entire world. Share relationship and love advice with other members in the chat room and get a chance of meeting new friends online. Register a username/ nickname and chat unsigned as the guest member and instantly meet random strangers and new friends. It’s our hope that you’ll enjoy your visit to our site so that you can return soon.

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The main features of our dating chat rooms

Safety features

Safety should be the top concern for anyone joining a dating site. This is mainly due to the fact that some criminals utilize the anonymity of dating sites to exploit lonely and unsuspecting singles. You can easily use the provided ‘IGNORE’ tool in our site to block anyone bothering you

Messaging features

Our communication features enables you to start a chat with other users on our dating site conveniently. Features of communications happens to be a very important aspect for any dating site.

Responsive customer service

You can easily use the contact page or forums so as to reach our moderators or admins in case you need any help, assurance or attention when navigating our dating site.

Dating chat rules

  • You should be over 17 years old so as to enter dating chat
  • Register a nickname/ username if you wish to continue using the site.
  • The chat rooms for dating are completely free and doesn’t require any registration.
  • Don’t disrupt other members or flood these chat room in any manner. Doing so might result into permanent bans.
  • Don’t provide your personal details to anybody, regardless of how much you trust them.
  • Despite the fact that this room has staff moderators, they can’t be available at all times. Kindly use the contact page or forums so as to reach us.
  • Users of mobile devices and tablets will be inquired to click on the ‘ENTER’ button.
  • This chat room isn’t a place for tasteless or vulgar chatter, so all chats should be clean.
  • Our classic version was discontinued
  • All suspicious activities linked with exploitation of the chat users should be reported to the chat room admin or moderator immediately.
  • Emails, phone numbers, links to other websites and IDs of instant messaging shouldn’t be posted publicly.
  • Any user attempting to hack or exploit our dating chat room will encounter PERMANENT server ban.
  • Kindly choose another room at the drop down menu below, if you don’t find this one suitable for you.

Benefits of dating chat rooms

Confidence and self esteem

Online dating boost the self-esteem and confidence of people that are feeling lonely or have heartaches. Although it can be considered to be a temporary solution, flirting and chatting with strangers can boost a person’s self- esteem when it’s needed.

Quick exits

You can easily leave the dating chat room, if chatting with the stranger makes you feel uncomfortable. You can simply leave an online dating chat with a single click, in case you feel used, uncomfortable or threated when you’re chatting with a stranger.

Meet and interact with new people

Our dating chat rooms enables people to meet and interact with new people online at the comfort of their homes. This makes them ideal, particularly to anyone that prefers staying at home and chatting with strangers anonymously. It also enables you to chat with strangers without having to share your location, appearance or personal information.