How to start a conversation with a stranger?

How to start a conversation with a stranger

For many of us meeting new people becomes very difficult psychologically. We do not know how to start a conversation and how to behave. But in today's world, communication skills are very important. You can use the entire world as a platform for your training in communication. Streets, parties, university or museum, meet someone and start a conversation you can everywhere. But the most convenient option for beginners can rightly be considered the Internet space. This is much easier to start conversation in social networks or chat roulette sites.

Rules of effective communication

A man open to dialogue can be found by a relaxed pose, smile and good humor. Smile, by the way, the perfect way to influence people. Smile is best when you have a good mood. If you try to explain it in simple terms, sincerity and naturalness it's candy, which is easily carried around.

Good intelligent humor is appropriate in almost any situation. But aggression and untranslatable folklore do not like anyone. Start a conversation with a compliment (yes, the guys are also like it), stating a fact (this technique very much like to use the elderly), ask for advice or help. We are still being very social and love to hand out tips. Thus, you allow the other party to feel important and useful.

The conversation can be built on questions and answers. Learn to speak so that the person had the opportunity to "turn around" for an answer. Not "Is this a good book?" but "What are you reading now?" Try to adjust to the interlocutor. Follow his gestures, facial expressions; you may even yawn after him. Support a new subject, which he proposed. "Do you love butterflies? I also love them very much. Only here I forgot the name of this, with red wings with white polka dots? ".

Topics to start conversations with strangers

Everyone, above all, think about himself, about problems and how to look in the eyes of others. Keep this in mind when you start a dialogue with the new person, talk about your interlocutor. I do not know, have you noticed that the manicurists and barbers are the best sides. Why? They are talking about you and know how to listen.

Learn to listen and then you will not notice how you become an agreeable person. Do not forget that you are the initiator of the conversation. Therefore, the initiative is in your hands. There are many topics that can be nice to talk to a stranger: work, leisure, family and what's around you. Simply put, give the man what he is interested in. Do not be afraid of disappointment; do not be afraid of being misunderstood or funny. Maybe you have something not apprehended or other person was not up to you?

Your goal is to openly show that you are here and ready to communicate. New contacts and acquaintances themselves are fascinating, and perhaps ahead of you expect a lot of pleasant surprises.

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