Learning to talk with strangers

Learning to talk with strangers

One of the easiest ways to add efficiency to your communication online and in real life is to learn communication with strangers. When we were children, we were taught to beware of strangers, and it was a good way to protect the child. But most people have this fear remained, and in adult life it gives you more minuses than pluses. We feel awkward and insecure, interacting with other people. We do not make new acquaintances and learn new people only through our friends on chatroulette alternative sites. If you are already familiar with many people, it might work, but you will not be able to meet with those who feel uneasy just like you. But if you are in a new situation and you do not have so many friends, to go on chat roulette with strangers fear could seriously ruin your life. Incidentally, one of the reasons for this fear may be that we simply do not know what to talk to strangers. Fortunately, the ability to develop it is quite simple. After you begin, you will not able to resist the temptations to know new people, because it is captures, especially in live chat rooms.

To do this you need to understand three things:

  1. What are the benefits of meeting new people?
  2. How to deal with failures and unpleasant encounters?
  3. How to start practice?

Getting acquainted, we gain experience in order to stop being afraid and start conversations with strangers, you need to change the mentality. Coming from a tribal community, we are naturally inclined to fear, even hate people who do not know. We instinctively perceive them as dangerous strangers seeking to steal our village and lead a slave of our women and children. In modern society, this does not happen. For the most part people are friendly, open and happy to communicate with each other. You need only a small effort to overcome this barrier. Everyone is the opportunity to learn some new things. What did he tell you about himself? As he living and interacting with the world? People pose lots of interesting information! Meet new people and you will learn a lot about yourself by reading their cues, body language, thinking about their speeches. In addition, you will be able to build those types of relationships: Business contacts. Meeting a people, you will learn even more than it is written in the summary.

Friendship. Teacher-student relationship. Romantic relationship.

Especially important is the last item. All we are looking for your soul mate, and when we see someone attractive, we are afraid to come up and talk to him. How, then, to find second half? As perceived rudeness and refusal Now you are know the main benefits of communicating with people, you are need to understand the ability to ignore any failures. The key to this is do not take everything to your own. 95% of the adverse reaction is not to do with you. Often the person just having a lame day, or you are caught him at the wrong time. Maybe you hurt someone else, and it looks that you too not good intentions. Or probably he is just not a good man, and anything interesting you learn from talking with him. Rather than worry about failures, just think about the reasons that might move forvard a people to such a response, and who do not have to do with you. The remaining 5% of the cases where you really caused the negative reaction is seen as experience. The problem is not you, but your behavior, so think about what could be changed. You might have seemed brash? Or choose the wrong words? Think it over, and draw conclusions.


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