Protection of personal data on the Internet

Protection of personal data on the Internet

Each user of the Internet, sooner or later confronted with the registration on the resources that require the input of personal data. Most often this is name; in rarer cases is address, the real photo and place of work or study. Needless to say that to give such data is extremely dangerous. With a user's personal information, an attacker can crank out fraudulent transactions on the Internet or organize cyberbullying. Also, these data can then easily get to the base of spammers and phishers, who for a long time will not leave the victim alone.

It is regrettable, but to completely abandon the publication of our personal data is not possible. By doing this, people would deprive themselves of the opportunity to use online shopping, social networking, dating sites or some site like chatroulette. However, there is a way out. It should be clear what information and where appropriate report, and in any case it would be better to refrain from this.

Online Stores

When working with online shops report their actual data required. This is to ensure that the seller was able to send the ordered item according to the address and specified a real person as the recipient. Of course, there is no guarantee that the administration of the store will be honest and will not spread your data to bad people. In order to ensure your safety, use only proven shops that have a good reputation and are working successfully for several years. Avoid store-by-night, as there is a risk not only to run into the leakage of data, but also to become a victim of fraud.

Social networks and other sites for communication

For a comfortable communicating on a social network user must inform about him the most up to date information. This is necessary in order to find old friends, acquaintances or colleagues. In order to find a classmate need to specify the number of school.

Having a genuine picture is highly desirable. You cannot load it at all, because many of the resources will not be allowed to use some of its features. Loading fake pictures, whether the picture squirrels, pictures of teddy bears or collage with celebrities can result in a ban or delete the profile.

Of course, you can specify the wrong data and download others' photos, but it will greatly interfere with your relationship with your friends and look for the right people. In addition, no one can find such a man, entering the real data in the search. Do not forget that if the administration finds out lie on the user's personal page, she will take action.

By the way, the way of downloading other people's photos. Not wanting to show the world its true face, users are often loaded into the profile the image of others. Doing so is not only unethical, but also illegal, because such action violates the human right to protect its image.

To avoid information leakage, it is necessary to restrict access to our profile. That is, allow to view information about us, including the application form and photo, the only people you personally approved as "friends."

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