Some reasons and reasons why couples argue

The couples discuss, solve the problem, re-discuss and so on all the time, as if it were a whiting that bites its tail. Sometimes these "fights" between the two members of a sentimental relationship arise for reasons of little importance and can be extended for hours or even days. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.

There are plenty of reasons and reasons why a couple argue and in some cases cause breakdowns or force the two affected to visit a professional who carries out therapies for couples in crisis, among other alternatives to solve a problem. If you need to talk with stranger – try our amazing chat with strangers. Some of the most common reasons that create disputes in couples are as follows:

  • The lateness. Nobody likes to wait for a long time someone, and less without warning. The best thing in these cases is to notify and inform the other person of everything.
  • Forget important days or events. Whether it be anniversaries of courtship, wedding, birthday, etc. For one of the two members of the couple sure that it is important to remember these dates, so it is convenient to look for some formula to remember these days. This can be a compelling reason to discuss.
  • The lies and secrets. In a couple, sincerity and trust is fundamental, so if the lie is not very serious, it is best to acknowledge guilt, apologize and never lie again. In this way we will avoid future discussions and anger.
  • Leave the other partner standing. Solving a problem for this reason is a little complex, since the affected member will always feel hurt by some seedling. To try to reduce the anger it is advisable to warn the other person and try not to repeat it again.
  • Jealousy. Typical, frequent and the most arguments created in the couple. For these attacks, it is best to avoid comments and looks at other people who may bother the other partner.
  • Leave in evidence in front of people. No one likes to have their partner yell at her or belittle her in public, so try to book the discussions home.
  • The absence at times important. If it is important for your partner try not to miss because it may bother you not to be with her. It could be a wedding, the death of a loved one, a birthday, etc.
  • Do not keep promises. If you know you're not going to do it, do not say it because the other person can be excited and expect something that will not come.
  • Bad temper or anger outside the couple. It is necessary to be able to separate and differentiate the problems of the relationship with those of the work or other areas. In this way we will avoid paying the anger with the other partner.
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