Talks with men in the Internet: how to decipher his behavior

Talks with men in the Internet how to decipher his behavior

Men and women have so much different that it can be very difficult to understand each other. Even innocuous chatting treated each of the representatives of their sex in different ways. Let's know how a woman must understand man's behavior on the web.

Some men are like and some do not like to talk, but they do it so "in his own way," which is not always clears for us: he wants to continue dating or not? Let’s try to understand some reasons of such behavior.

Not supports dialogue

You communicate, but don't feel any interest in his part. Well, yes, he answers to your questions, but this answers either monosyllabic or very superficial. And he did not ask you. The reasons for this behavior may be several. Perhaps he wasn’t interested in the topic of this conversation. Maybe, he would like to know about your interests or hobbies and you have an ongoing conversation about something else. So, your task is to find some topic that will be interesting to both.

Maybe, he prefers phone or live talks but he does not dare to ask for your number or invite on a date.

Offering sex

It's sad fact but these men, especially on sites like chatroulette, are most. Some of them don't even hide marital status. Consent or not is your business. However, if the man you are not interested, do not let him long talk, just ignore messages. When guy is handsome then thank him for the compliment. You understand that men make similar offers not for every girl. In the end, you can always go out with him, and then decide for yourself how further events will unfold.

Says a lot and on any topic

At first, this is really fun, but after a while there is a desire to meet with this man, and he does not call you for a real date. Options of this behavior can be also very different. Maybe he just very sociable person, so talk to you it is pleasant, and online communication is enough for him.

There is also another option: this man is in marriage, but love has lost sharpness and brightness. So he needs some girl who would have listened, admired him and waiting for a conversation with him. But he didn’t want to change his life and therefore doesn't go into action.

Many ask, but currently do not speak

These are signs of scams. He can beautifully disguise phrases that he is almost suc a secret agent. Most of all, it's just his fantasy. He creates image of successful young man, but he never called addresses, exact names and so on. It may be invited on a date, to spend time with you, but then disappear once and for all. And you do not know where to look for him.

The second option: the man clearly knows what kind of woman he is looking for. So he asks you a lot of questions, studying you, and then calling on a date. Believe me, this also happens.

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