Tips to make a good impression on the web camera: a little bit of psychology

Tips to make a good impression on the web camera a little bit of psychology

Thanks to the Internet video chat become the most popular way of expression. We are increasingly acquainted online with other people, so it becomes very relevant question: how to look good when meeting via webcam in some video chat roulette?


Put the clothes in which you feel confident. Do not hesitate with the choice of clothes, search through the entire wardrobe, but get those things that will reflect your personality. Choose comfortable clothes that will show you the "real." Feel yourself well is the main goal. It immediately catches the eye.

Mom was right: keep your back straight. The camera shows everything about you, because there's nothing would distract viewer from your person. If you are frozen in an uncertain position the interlocutor will think you do not care at all and lose interest. Your body should radiate energy and mind, with the need to be flexible as possible and try not to look like a robot.

Watch out for the language of the body, because people will pay attention to it. If you have a habit of scratching your leg or stroking ear when you are nervous then try to find another use for the hands at the time of communication.

Smiling eyes. A broad smile is a great way to win, especially when it is confident and sincere. But bare your pearly white teeth are only half of the battle. Eyes betray a fake smile. This is exactly the case when fine lines around eyes are your advantage.

How do you talk?

Talk with your normal voice. Be yourself and talk to camera like with friend. This isn't only natural, but it's also what all people expect from you. You want to have a camera showed you this.

Well, you know what you're talking about. So you should focus on how you do this. Pauses are important. If you hurry and swallow words, you lose confidence. You seem to say, "That's what about, what I'm babbling, you can ignore." Choose words.

How to prepare?

Look at camera as it's your dog. Don't be afraid of webcam, it doesn't bite. Look at him with love, how you respond joyful dog, greets you when you get home at the end of day. Don't look around with eyes, shouting: "I'm nervous and desperately seeking a way out!" Wink a naturally because closing eyes too often you signal of insincerity.

Calm down. Do not appear on camera with sweaty palms and a nervous tic. Do everything you need to relax - stretch, jump, listen to music. Get in front of the camera when will feel calm and collected. It will add you some confidence.

Breathe correctly. Without breath you will not be able to not only live, but also to look good on camera. Take just few deep breaths before you start talking, and continue to breathe in front of the camera. If you feel that you breathe or speak is too fast it's time to take a break.

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