How to please a guy when communicating through a web camera?

How to please a guy when communicating through a web camera

Of all the possible options for communication on the Internet, communicating with a web camera can be called as close to the real talk. You can see the person you talking with and talking to him in real time. You have the opportunity to study his gestures, facial expressions habits.

As in real life to please the person needs to make some effort. Webcam communication adds some specificity here. Let's find out what you need to do to look chic while chatting with people in chat roulette sites.


If you have any cosmetic defects on the face do not hide them behind tons of cosmetics. A little bit of mascara, a little lip gloss, easy correction of facial contours. Make-up should be minimal, but sexy: wet lips, radiant healthy skin, eyes with glitter.


The light should fall on your in front, not from behind. Turn off all the lights that are behind you, Draw curtains on the window. Instead, turn on the desk lamp or expand the monitor so that you sat facing the window.


Sit so that your face was exactly in the frame. Do not slouch and escaped from the lens. To take a good look, you do not let fall into the field of view things that your interlocutor should not see. Moreover, hide that stuff that not only on the table next to you, but in the chat room behind your back. Make sure that there were not scattered cushions or clothes on a chair or forgotten dishes.


If outside your window runs a busy road and the room are noisy by children play, the other party can be hard to hear you so he has to strain to ask again. It will not add the effectiveness to your conversation. Before the conversation you should close window, get out of noisy places, ask family not to disturb you while you talk.

Think positively

Yes, men love with their eyes, so the bulk of the text is devoted to the visual design. But the exterior they are "swallowed» and it is time to start communication. What about you should not start talking at first time?

Try not to mention:

  • Your problems;
  • Ex-boyfriends;
  • Do not compare him with other men;
  • Do not talk only about yourself;
  • Do not talk only about new purchases and how you dream of a coat / skirt / ringlet.

Talk to him about:

  • Therein;
  • The most recent, interesting, positive news;
  • Share with him joyful events;
  • Cheers;
  • Kidding, but in moderation.

Following these tips, you can quickly make contact through a web camera and find a common language with your companion. It is worth remembering that the first impression is usually produced by our appearance, so you need to think before turning on his webcam: "Am I looking good?" But in later stage of dating you have to talk, so think of interesting topics.

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