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What to do with our emotions?

Can we control our emotions? We cannot, but we should. Although there is widespread belief that emotion - this is an area where people can least a control. Phrases such as: "I was flooded ..." "...

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The relationship of two married people and sense of personal ownership

On a map of your village are clearly defined boundaries of suburban areas and indicated exactly who is owner. Everyone can see who owns a particular piece of land, and that is it. The same should be in close personal relationships of people.

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Internet: supermarket of our desires

Here you can indulge in romantic dreams, or to communicate, explore numerous knotting - quickly, without embarrassment and completely anonymous. Virtual space becomes an ideal place to look for love?


Feelings and the distance

The temptation is very attractive: no need to worry about how you look today, pick up the words in a hurry, not to say some sort of banality: "We have to meet somewhere ..." Today we have the Internet love and it is practical and (almost) safe.


Allow yourself to breathe more freely

"You," plus the "Me" becomes "we" ... But what happens to our "I"? We should not lose ourselves, however, because otherwise the relationship in a pair of rapidly depleted. The only way out - to keep the (correct) distance and maintain their individuality.