Feelings and the distance

The temptation is very attractive: no need to worry about how you look today, pick up the words in a hurry, not to say some sort of banality: "We have to meet somewhere ..." Today we have the Internet love and it is practical and (almost) safe. Learn more with our blog and check out our chat alternative roulette.

Virtual dating (and even affairs) that we make is not only about the sake of speed, convenience, and hope that there is someone who we like will not refuse to talk. More and more single people are inclined to believe, to manage their own relationships as prudently and efficiently, as build their own career. There is another reason why you are just showing shyness to your potential partner (completeness, age and many other things that we identify as our weaknesses), if it can be avoided? There are a wide range of these fears: partly why the popularity of virtual communication is growing rapidly today. What is it - the down of "live" a romantic relationship or a new round?

Positive hero

Online dating is easy. By entering the appropriate site and asking a few desired characteristics can instantly get the opportunity to see the profiles for every taste: from a partner for one night to those who are good to start a family. After making your selection, you can send an email, start a conversation or chat, and it is possible to meet, finally, in the non-virtual reality. "I did not expect, what to look for in Internet for my destiny - it is so long, even if the sort out all the vulgarity and stupidity at once, - says 45-year-old Colin. - Online dating in essence - the same marketing, only thyself - and product and marketing, and a clicker, and sell, as we know, can be anything you like - it's a matter of time and advertising budget" The issue of self-presentation in online dating is really very important - some profiles on the site for a long time are not in demand, and the other for a short time receive hundreds of reviews. "Before you post your profile on the web, I rewrote it six times - says 35-year-old Anna. - And before that, I read what others have written, the whole research conducted. I think it is not in vain. "

Everything is possible

The first dating sites in Internet appeared simultaneously with the spread of the Internet in the late 1990s. The most active students are introduced; we communicate with a lot of people aged 18 to 40 years - as a rule, they are united by common interests: entertainment, sports, trips to nature. However, people over 60 years old talk about themselves and post photos, browse profiles and assign dates, invite like-minded people on random text chat sites to go to the theater and cinema. On some sites, there are paid services: for example, you can raise your profile on the first positions in the list, record a voice greeting. Questionnaires often (about 10%) placed by women, and men browse profiles and send messages more often. Those people may be married / unmarried or free, search for a permanent partner or a single contact. Many of those who wish to raise a company of interest: for fitness together, travel, entertainment on weekends. Occasionally you can meet profiles of people who are involved in commercial sex services.