Internet: supermarket of our desires

Here you can indulge in romantic dreams, or to communicate, explore numerous knotting - quickly, without embarrassment and completely anonymous. Virtual space becomes an ideal place to look for love? Learn more with our blog and join our free chatroulette.

The sexual revolution, which they say for so long, it seems, has moved to another dimension: the World Wide Web in full swing, day and night, there is a development of amorous tactics and strategies. In chat rooms and dating sites in the virtual world Second Life and social network Facebook, millions of men and women get to know each other for sex or looking for love. In this parallel universe, consisting of nicknames and avatars, you can implement a variety of needs. Here you can meet and break up - immediately or after some time, "lived" along this stretch of road in the virtual space. Carry out your desires: look for a handsome prince, playing femme fatale or the great seducer. The Network will be a place for the performance of any, even the most unusual fantasies. But in most cases, according to a family therapist Samantha Jones goal that came from one network to meet friends - "fill" the loneliness. "Of course, you can meet sexual predators and looters, but the majority of men and women aspire to find a mate, not to spend a weekend alone together or go on vacation. Somebody surfing through the Internet to find their half, because it seems that going through an infinite number of candidates, we will find her soon."

Caution: dependence

"I can’t disconnect," "It's stronger than me, all the while sitting in chat with strangers", "I'm ashamed, but I'm hooked on porn" ... It seems that you can live and love, nothing knowing shortage. Without leaving your home, watching and shopping; meet (at least virtually) all your erotic fantasies - and this in itself can create a dependency... Internet available around the clock - and it is a constant (soothing and hypnotic) presence gives the impression that all next time there is something, which not to be missed. How real is the threat of a mass of Internet addiction? "Only people with unstable mentality or those who are currently some life events brought out of balance, can become dependent on the Internet - soothes sexologist Gonzague de la Hor. And he adds: "More dangerous impoverishment of the imagination. Many people are too addicted to virtual reality; they are no longer read, stop dreaming and, finally, cannot be made and erotic fantasies. After all, all our imagination - it is always a work of our imagination."