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Why is the ideal relationship is good only in movies

Love like in the movies – is in the past. And we at chat alternative blog are going to deal with it.


What prejudices interfere with relations?

Mom, girlfriend, women's magazines - everyone knows what should be a real woman. Believe it or not? Psychologist Michael Bukowsky debunks myths. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.


The crisis of the genre: how to distinguish between a crisis in relations to their end

You big quarrel and wrestle with it - another conflict or end of the relationship? Psychologist Sam Zann tells you how to understand the situation. Learn more with our free chatroulette blog.


As the alcohol interferes with good sex

British author Anna Davies said why you should not drink alcohol before sex. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.


An open question is why everyone needs to masturbate

In today's world it is so easy to talk about sex. However, some of the topics in the society are a taboo. And the masturbation, oddly enough, is one of them. American actress Jenny Mollen told British Glamour about personal experiences and how people today perceive masturbation.