An open question is why everyone needs to masturbate

In today's world it is so easy to talk about sex. However, some of the topics in the society are a taboo. And the masturbation, oddly enough, is one of them. American actress Jenny Mollen told British Glamour about personal experiences and how people today perceive masturbation. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.

"I learned about masturbation in 20 years. Of course, I was aware that it exists, but my efforts to bring them to orgasm were futile. I did not understand what my mistake, and I did not ask anyone. None of my friends cannot say for sure whether they had an orgasm. Although we have discussed sex constantly, colors describing the details, no one has ever raised the subject of masturbation. Even modern women try not to mention it. Our mother did not tell us about masturbation (and also kept silent, how to change the faucet in the bathroom). Why was not there the slightest indication, how to masturbate? I can only remember one episode of the popular youth series "Beverly Hills, 90210» where the main character Donna bought for me a vibrator Rabbit Pearl. If you are looking for good company and stay incognito – visit our anonymous text chat.

I learned how to get satisfaction by accident

I was at the peak of pleasure and almost strangled pillow Man, when he wanted to stop. Shortly after that, I tried to reconstruct the events on their own at night. And just like going to the IKEA store take longer than you originally planned, it took me many hours to understand your body. The end result is, I admit, was much nicer than a plate of Swedish meatballs cafe IKEA. I finally cracked the code for access to his own libido, forget that it was impossible. Frankly, I turned to the Internet. I passed from one to another porn site, choosing the video. The only thing that has not changed during is a discomfort. With 20 years I have never told anyone this story. I still blush when I have to talk about masturbation. Of course, my friends boasted of their pocket vibrators, but I thought it was just my thing.

All repeat: masturbation for boys and girls are silent about

It's strange, but being liberated generation, we hide masturbation. It seems to me that this is not unique to Tikhonov. Most women feel self-gratification something shameful. If a guy says that he masturbates six times a day - this is normal. Media told that masturbation for boys - is a rite of becoming a man. Unfortunately, they do not talk about girls. When I became pregnant, my attitude towards masturbation changed dramatically. I realized that I can have an orgasm without sex. Independently. After a few weeks of this practice, I started quietly and do not hesitate to talk about masturbation with her husband. After her husband was convinced that I would not trade it in his hand, he supported me and suggested not to stop. Suddenly, I felt sexy without any remorse. The moment came when I was able to recognize that it is able to deliver the excitement. This realization helped me understand that, being sandwiched in the issue of masturbation, you stiffness and sex.