What prejudices interfere with relations?

Mom, girlfriend, women's magazines - everyone knows what should be a real woman. Believe it or not? Psychologist Michael Bukowsky debunks myths. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.

1. A woman should not take the first step. As always behaves girl if she likes the guy? It will be held by it, corrects hairstyle, smile. This is maximum. It is believed that to be active - the prerogative of men, because he is by nature a hunter. And if you start to hunt him, just startle him. But this is nonsense. Not startle, if a man will feel that you are "his woman". It does not matter; you jump on his neck, or sit in a corner and wait until he comes himself.

As a psychologist and as a man I say to you: do as you want. If you want to go to the guy and offer a cup of coffee - come. Even if it fails, you'll know that at least tried to. If you are looking for a good company – try our random text chat.

2. Do not agree to have sex on the first date. On this account, there are many theories. For example, the kiss should be only on the third date and sex on the sixth. Someone still believes that before the wedding at all, no, no. Girls are taught: man must show that treats you with respect, you could move to the restaurants and cinema. But you are deeply mistaken if you think that a few meetings in the eatery indicate seriousness. Even if you do not like the man, he could have at least ten times somewhere reduce to drag in bed. Just to tick. Let's see what happens if you give a guy on the first date? This first time may be the last, and perhaps - the beginning of a great love. But sex here is not to blame. The most important is whether you run between the spark. If you liked each other - you'll be together.

3. A man should make an offer. With this, I can be, and would agree - give a tribute to tradition. But if a woman wants to get married, she has to say about it, rather than sit and suffer quietly. And that can never wait for offers. You're talking to the man: "Honey, I want a family." If he does not want to - then you are not on the way, even if you love him. After all, if you like the dress is not your size; you still will not be able to wear it, right? So we are here.

4. Male - breadwinner, the woman - homemaker. Of course, this is not the case. Women work and often earn more than their husbands; and in everyday life men take on more responsibilities than before. In a normal family serious decisions husband and wife take together. But it is believed that it is the woman responsible for the climate in the house. But it's not air-conditioned. It does not have to wait for a man home to hug him after a hard day's work and ask how he was doing. With it also might have something to befall - and it has the right to expect that her husband embrace and ask the same question. Separately, except to say about the food. Many men like to be the wife of tasty feed them, it's true. Why? Because as a child nursed their mother, and a woman associated with their mother.

5. The husband - the head, the wife - a neck. This statement is actually sanctioned women's role as manipulator: guide your man, but quietly, so he thought that he decides everything.