The crisis of the genre: how to distinguish between a crisis in relations to their end

You big quarrel and wrestle with it - another conflict or end of the relationship? Psychologist Sam Zann tells you how to understand the situation. Learn more with our free chatroulette blog.

Even in a healthy relationship scandals and crises are happen. Still, the man is not a robot, and is subject to emotions. There are couples in which the quarrels did not happen and no one raises his voice. But most people have the mentality unstable, and when there are problems at work, for example, they are often poured into their relationship. More scandals are people who have some kind of internal conflict that requires resolution. And where else to fight back, except from the closest?

If you feel that your man suddenly began to annoy you, take your visit his mother, to his friend.

It happens, and another reason for conflict, even in a relatively healthy families. About once every three months, each of us feels the need to be alone. How does it look? The person feels fatigue from the fact that he is no one, the partner acts start to cause irritation. That it's too loud chomps, the crockery rattles. There is a scandal almost on level ground. The main thing, spend some time without him. Of course, it should be done so that he did not take offense. You say to him: "Honey, I love you very much, but I have to be alone. As soon as I rest, I will take it at once. " And if you see that your man is irritated by trifles, and he does not understand that he needs to relax - turn the wise woman. Do not just leave it alone, but to invite him to be alone. If you are looking for new friends online – try our chat with strangers.

Honey, I love you very much, but I have to be alone. As soon as I rest, I will pass it immediately.

Or here's another option situation fraught with conflict: the two were married in his youth. Young usually attracts a partner brilliance, charisma, personality. Family life begins from the forefront loyalty, devotion, ability to support, and it turns out that this just is not a bright man. But there is more, each rethink their values ​​and find a more suitable partner. If we talk about neurotic relationship, that is not exactly healthy, here expanse for conflicts. Some couples simply sadomasochistic relationship: one yells, the other crying. These people were born in families where all conflicted. Usually, in this situation are advised to go to a family therapist to analyze the actions of each and find a compromise. But I have a different concept. I believe that if a person has a need for conflict, the search for a compromise does not help. To solve the problem, you should take only his own head. After working with his psyche, you will no longer be neurotic. And here begins the most interesting thing: if your partner is neurotic, then you and he get going - because you do not need to be such a relationship. That is, it should be treated at the same time, but each separately.