As the alcohol interferes with good sex

British author Anna Davies said why you should not drink alcohol before sex. Learn more with our chatroulette alternative blog.

How often do you have sex is preceded by alcohol? Studies have shown that 71% of the world's population consumes alcohol before they make love. However, there are statistics that alcohol prevents women experience orgasm. When I was 20 years several of my novels started in the bar after a bottle of wine. Before the visit, I often drank, still in the house, so as not to be nervous. Even when the relationship to the next level, I came to the restaurant early to have time to enjoy a few cocktails before the arrival to my elect.

My stories were often fleeting and too confusing.

"What do you love more: sex and alcohol" - I asked one guy that I met. On Friday night, we were lying in bed, he was working late, and I see you with him was drinking with friends at the bar. I longed to close, but at the slightest attempt to touch him, he pushed me. Before you turn away and fall asleep, the boy said: "I would like us to have had sex today, but you're drunk." If you are looking for an interesting experience – try our chat with strangers.

71% of the world's population consumes alcohol before sex.

I was very annoyed. Why did he make me choose? Because of fact that alcohol definitely makes sex better. Yes, I rarely have orgasms, but after the liquor, I cannot think about the shortcomings of the process. After all, drinking before sex - this is normal, 71% of people do the same. However, despite the indignation of his words made me think seriously. Sharon Wilsnack Ph.D., professor of clinical neurology at the University of North Dakota, USA, said that alcohol can give people a sense of calm, t. To. He affects the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for emotions). Research has shown that women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. I know that alcohol affects me. I was shy, but when I have a drink, I become the soul of the company. If in such a case, the stranger showed interest in me, I did not ask them "whether it is attractive," I liked the man automatically

I had a rich sexual experience, but it was not love I was looking for.

 And I knew that I will not find it if you do not stop drinking in order to motivate for. In the end, despite the fact that I had more than 50 partners, I'm still ashamed of their sexual desires. . For this reason, in my life I had sex with a guy with whom I would never have had sex sober. But that alcohol has allowed me to realize all sexual fantasies: being sober, I could not ask a man to tie me to the bed. When I was 28, I was going through a difficult breakup with a young man. As a result, for the four days I slept with three different guys. After a while, one of them wrote to me: "I have to ask, what drugs you are taking before you sleep with me? Nothing like this has ever happened to me. " This message has touched me deeply, and I realized that it was time to change something.