What to do with our emotions?

Can we control our emotions? We cannot, but we should. Although there is widespread belief that emotion - this is an area where people can least a control. Phrases such as: "I was flooded ..." "... I was captured," "I suffered ..." are often used with respect to those or other strong emotional states and their associated actions are often devastating. What is there to do? This is emotions. Learn more with our blog and join our chatroulette alternative roulette.

Similarly, people justify their actions and reactions of any strong feelings, as if bully that broke the window justified to the police: "Well. I drank. I was drunk - did not realize anything" And certainly there are people who will it justify him (because they can understand him). However, the responsibility is not reduced by law. It is better to ask the question: "Why then you get drunk, If you are not able to handle it? ". Even more remarkable justification for the many activities found long time ago - love. It is explains everything. At this point everything is clear: it’s a strong feeling, and any action can be explainable.

Returning to the myth that emotions are arise by themselves

It is for the lazy and those who want to absolve themselves of responsibility for what is happening. In fact, we make them: we calling them untwist and cultivate. Then produce emotional reactions outside or accumulate them inside (sooner or later it will burst). The process of "doing" of emotions going on already followed established in our minds like chains of reactions. Following step by step, as we do, we express our emotional state; you will find that this process consists of a set of very specific actions that make lot of people. Knowing this, we can replace our actions and create the emotions that will help us in our life, and we feed force and contribute to the successful communication with people. If you want to have some fun – try our anonymous text chat.

Which emotions do we need?

We need almost all of them. If a person begins to suppress his feelings, or some of them, it begins to kill his emotion and expressiveness. In addition, repressed feelings do not disappear. They were driven in, and from this point they carried out their destructive work in your body, sometimes erupting in an ugly and incomprehensible form out at the wrong time. Suppressed anger on someone can go out in the form of irritation on a completely different subject. Fear manifests itself in the inability to open and enjoy. Repressed desire is in the form of loss of interest in life and people around.

Every emotion has its time and place

Why is person, situated next to me, should be a trash tray, where I'll reset my negative feelings or a bad mood? No one wants to be in such situation, except the cases when a person is ready to make such a sacrifice for the sake of revenge. By the way, we are often built “friendship” on this model. Such "natural" feelings of sadness, boredom, anxiety, anger, contempt, disgust, anger, resentment, etc. -.. Is better to move away, as they are manifested through our mind, our body, intonations, words, and partner will see them.

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