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Woman in man’s sight

God created man (Adam), then from the rib of man created woman. It can be concluded that the biological material is common, and the woman all should be like a man. But, alas, the distinguishing features of much more than common.


Relationships at a distance - separation test

Relationship psychologist's advice at a distance in our random chat sites like Omegle blog.


How to improve relations

The question of how to build a harmonious and strong relationship in a pair, not only puzzled many psychologists, but also they couple, because usually, a few do not have a family life (and sometimes less), in a relationship crisis occurs, and already rarely loving people are just hated each othe


How not become a cause of conflict, part II

We at our chatroulette alternative blog wondered: how to make relationships even stronger? It doesn’t matter, if these relationships are in the cyberspace or in the real life with real person. Why do we losing each other each time?


How not become as a cause of conflict? Part I

Quite often people, without knowing it, becomes a cause of conflict, and even he provokes it. Perhaps he does not realize this, but it is important to understand how to stop in time and keep peace in the family.