How not become a cause of conflict, part II

We at our chatroulette alternative blog wondered: how to make relationships even stronger? It doesn’t matter, if these relationships are in the cyberspace or in the real life with real person. Why do we losing each other each time? Which mistakes we should avoid exactly?

This is a fairly common mistake. When a couple begins to quarrel over an insignificant household reason, then certainly in the conversation begin to emerge charges in other, more serious, things and memories of old grudges. This cannot be done in any case; otherwise an ordinary quarrel turns into a serious conflict, which could have significant consequences. Quarrels, focusing on just one specific topic quickly exhaust them. As the quarrel about the same for a long time does not work, it does not have enough arguments and quite quickly you can come to a common agreement.

No need to keep the problems

It is better to solve problems as they arise, and deciding to forget about them forever, rather than wait until they accumulate a mountain, then to dump them all at once on a partner. From so many problems to be annoyed by anyone, so it is not surprising that due to their large number happens quite a lot of conflict. Serious argument on this ground there because of the time to solve all the problems is not possible. Solve problems gradually, but one after another, until you decide everything.

You do not need to save or raise grievances complexes

Apologize - it is quite difficult, but to apologize after an argument much easier than later time. And it should be remembered that after the apology on the heart is sure to become easier, so do not be afraid to say the words of apology and hear their response. If you do not do it right, then there is a possibility that the grievances and complexes will be tortured for a long time, if not a lifetime.

It is necessary to forget the insults, sarcastic remarks and tantrums

All of the above serves as a catalyst, whereby the usual harmless quarrel turns into conflict. Quite a few couples have learned to replace the offending softer words, when it is necessary to express their indignation. For example, one of my friends, who have always called each other a diminutive nicknames during quarrels begin to call each other out by name, so they point to the fact that seriously offended. Attitude also plays an important role. Not only insults can lead interlocutor into a rage, but also how this or that remark was uttered, do not provoke your loved one, because after a serious conflict is difficult to restore peace in the family.

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