Relationships at a distance - separation test

Relationship psychologist's advice at a distance in our random chat sites like Omegle blog.

Many people probably well know such a thing as a long-distance relationship, although there are people who do not believe in it. Sometimes it happens that friends and loved ones have to temporarily leave. The reasons may be different - a long trip or study in another city. How not to break the long-distance relationship?  Separation from loved ones - it is always a challenge for both. And for women and for men it is a real test of strength.

How to keep your feelings?

To your former relationship does not fade away in the distance, you need to exercise wisdom. It so happens when women start to appear suspect allegiance of her loved one. Often men doubt my favorite. This distrust generates resentment, which may cause begin to quarrel. Feeling cool and relationships are different. This can lead to even greater coldness. To avoid this, do not hurt your loved one often groundless suspicion. Even despite the fact that the separation acutely manifest your feelings, and you, especially at first, feel yearning. To make it easier for both of you, communicate with each other. Make a phone call or contact via the Internet to anyone not difficult. Choose a convenient time for both of you to make phone calls. You'll look forward to it. Sometimes unobtrusive please send SMS, for example, wish good morning. Intrusive and frequent SMS will only irritate. You do not have something to reproach the half - he remains the same, just at the time he left. And your relationship has remained the same, but the separation is not forever.

How to keep a long-distance relationship

While talking to your loved one talk about what's new with you lately. Let it be not such an important event, as it seems, but the mutual experience of the distance will make you closer. You will not feel that you are far away from each other. You can also write to each other such rare is now standard mail. Get sometimes an envelope in the mail will be a real treat for the soul. Even with this communication when you are away from each other, it is difficult to avoid discrepancies and omissions. One careless word can hurt and cause serious quarrels and insults. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions restrain. You can be irritated by something, you of someone offended is not to vent your frustration on your loved one, do not continue unpleasant conversation. At a distance of resentment for unjust words and distrust of other experienced sharper. But these offenses are suffering both partners. Trust your loved one simply because they love it. Try not to pay attention to the insignificant events and treat them easier. And you'll see - there is no reason for complaint.

The relationship with a man on a distance

It is not deteriorated for your relationship due to the distance between you finds something in common in how you spend your free time. Do not feel sorry for yourself for what you are left alone, and do not reproach in that your loved one. So he will feel guilty in front of you. Live a full life, as before. If possible, try to meet each other, at least occasionally. Pre-arrange a meeting and decide how it will go. And believe that the mutual expectation of this event will benefit your relationship.