How not become as a cause of conflict? Part I

Quite often people, without knowing it, becomes a cause of conflict, and even he provokes it. Perhaps he does not realize this, but it is important to understand how to stop in time and keep peace in the family. To pull myself together and not to provoke a partner, there are a few tips following which you can reduce the number of family conflicts. Read more with our omegle chat blog.

Learning to extinguish emotions

Emotional people are quite attractive, but only if their emotions are positive. No one likes a person who exudes a constant negativity and throws it to the others. So before you yell at a partner, you need to think about his words and deeds, and calm down. Very surging emotions is the main enemy of relationships. If the main reason for the beginning of the conversation is not a conflict, and quarrel, and the solution to the problem. The aggression and emotions should hide away and only after that to start a conversation. Calm down and take it in hand, of course difficult, the need to learn and practice their skills. In order to get rid of too vivid emotions, you can try to imagine yourself in the role of an outsider viewer, like in the movies. In the movie, you can sympathize with the protagonist and worry about it, but the emotions are not too bright, and it is possible to assess the situation from the perspective of an outsider viewer to see all aspects of it.

It is not necessary to invent non-existent facts

Quite often a source of conflict becomes excessive imagination of one of the partners. For example, a wife which is waiting for her husband from work late at night begins to image and him or cheating in the company of noisy friends. When her husband comes home from work, she makes him claim that he selfishly abandoned her home and one specially came home late, although in most cases the husband is not guilty, and worked up a sweat.

To begin a serious discussion should be at the right time

Do not start to solve the problem when one partner is tired or hungry, angry, in a bad mood because of problems at work or for any other reason. If a tangle of his problems and add some serious conversations that invariably accompanied by claims that the conflict cannot be avoided. And to come to some agreement never be in a similar situation.

It is necessary to look for the cause, rather than fight with the consequences

Most often, people tend to struggle with the consequences, rather than trying to find and eliminate the causes of conflict. But they can spoil life for couples for years. Do not focus on the investigation, try to look beyond, to analyze, memorize and match. Perhaps the reason for the conflict lies with the husband in his resentment at his wife because she did not pay attention to him, hurt his feelings, not that he was too lazy to vacuum the apartment. Failure - it is only a consequence, not a cause.