Keys to happy union

There are a number of conditions, it is necessary for the happiness of two. We have chosen six of the most, in our opinion, important. And although our relative importance at different points in the life of a pair can vary, each condition must always be part of the partner relationship. Learn more with our omegle chatroulette blog.

Mutual tolerance, why it is so difficult?

If you think about it properly, our differences lie at the heart of every love story. They attract, arouse in us an irresistible urge to get to know the other, make it unique in our eyes. "Did not we say:" He (or she) cannot love, because he did not like the others ", - says family therapist Chris Cohan. - But time passes, and it is those features of the partner who first inspired us, and sometimes start to annoy and even made unbearable. "Why it’s happening to me? We mistakenly believe if we build something solid and thorough together we can only be complete unanimity on all issues. Another possible reason for our intolerance is the inability to completely escape from the figures of his parents, building relationships in our own pair. "Unconsciously, we are looking for a partner similar to the features of the mother or the father - or their antithesis - Chris Cohan explains. - And inevitably disappointed, realizing the inadequacy of the replacement. "Often it is prevents us and the unconscious image of the ideal partner who is in each of us. "To see the difference between the other is to recognize that it is not all respond in the desired manner by drawing imagination," - Chris Cohan says. This discovery could be a disappointment, which is experiencing some ... like the end of love.

Why is it so important

Love is born at that moment when one of the two sees and accepts what is another peculiarity: we love it just for what it really is. The famous analytical psychotherapist Robert Johnson calls such a relationship as "mature love". Rejecting the creation of an ideal or fantasy born pair, we get a chance to make their union unique: its uniqueness lies in the fact that each of its otherness brings to the relationship. Take another difference also means to recognize its need and the right to have its own space. This is absolutely necessary if we are to avoid a feeling of pressure, a kind of "suffocation", which arises from the excessive proximity in daily life. 35-year-old Sarah remembers that hardly bore Alex passion for the game of football with friends. "Every Saturday he lost in training ... I could not understand it: I thought he was just trying to run away from me," One day she came to him at the stadium. "I saw him, forgetting everything, delighted chasing the ball with his buddies; noticing me, he was confused. Though he did not dare to tell me about it, I felt superfluous: it was his element, his private life, rather than our common ". Then Sarah also found an occupation that its very fascinated: Saturday she dances flamenco, and Alex is irrelevant.

What to do?

Recognize the differences. "It is a night owl and I am an early bird," "She loves the sea, the mountains and I" ... Identify the differences between you, it will help to see the other as he is, and not as it seemed, or would like to. It is better to learn partner, and along with yourself, you will be able to better resolve conflicts.