4 traits of the ideal woman

Writer Anthony D'Ambrosio about what should be "the chosen one" woman.

We often talk about how important it is to find "the very" woman that will sway on the waves of life, which is next to us, no matter what happens. The choice of a single is one of the most important decisions in the life of men (and perhaps the most important). The woman, with whom we decide to share your world, will be the mother of our children, will help us to plan, lead us into the feelings, so that there is - to make us better. But who is she, an ideal woman? For years we have listened to what women want. It was assumed that we, men only need a "status wife." I do not agree with this. What it is important in a woman? Learn more with our omegle random chat blog.


Beauty - it's not what you look like, and what it represents. We want to see next to each one that is not only working on their appearance, but also tries to be sincere, genuine. You are exactly with your friends - so be so with us! We see you laughing in your company - do not restrain themselves and also in our society. We like a woman with a great sense of humor who do not relate to life too seriously. Be yourself. Order a cheeseburger for a lunch. Smeared with ketchup - believe me, it's not scary. Do not hesitate to meet people in a T-shirt or tracksuit. Forget for a while about the make-up and styling - we like it too. Well, yes, we are pleased when you dress up and look luxurious, but it is not necessary to do this all the time, just earn it as approval.


The way you carry yourself speaks loud. I'm not about clothes, which emphasizes the dignity of your figure (although I do not see anything wrong with it). I'm talking about social networks. It is yours "showcase". Where do you go and with whom is characterizes you as a person. And if you absolutely honest, we rarely attract women that are attend all events in a row in any company. The men, who are seeking "popular" girls, this may even like it, but the real men in these games do not play. Woman reading a book at home, we prefer the one that gets drunk with friends on weekends. Your life should not be quite so "wide open": we need at least some intrigue. The less we know about someone's life, the more interesting the man for us. It motivates us to seek, ask questions, dig deeper. So with you our conversations become more meaningful. And if we are always aware of where you were and what they were doing, that there may be interesting?


Yes, we men, the creatures of flesh and blood. All of us come to life at the touch of. And we, of course, attracted to women, free in expressing their feelings. You want to take you by the hand, kiss, and hug and ask how your day is. So we want the same! It helps us feel welcome and strengthens our relationship with the partner.


Life is more than a new handbag, designer shoes and a new episode of your favorite TV series (although, repent, we ourselves get too carried away watching football matches). Discussions with smart women are to those who know a lot about the world around and tends to make it better.