How to survive the offense?

We often feel rejected, neglected, undervalued and believe that did not get the respect that in its feeling deserve. How to learn to not to be offended about nothing? And what if we always want to offend me? Learn more with our omegle chat blog. Anna spent a few weeks on holiday on the occasion of the organization of the company's anniversary. Book Cafe, find the master and musician, has sent dozens of invitations, prepared gifts. The evening went well and in the end the chief Anna got up to say a traditional language. "He did not bother to thank me, - says Anna. - I was furious. I worked so hard, and he did not bother to acknowledge it. Then I decided that if he does not appreciate my work, I would not appreciate it. It has become unfriendly and uncooperative. Relationship with boss deteriorated to such an extent that eventually wrote a letter of resignation. It was a big mistake, because now I understand that to be happy on the job. "

We are offended and think about what we used when the person with which we were brought up, treated or services, goes without saying thank you

We feel aggrieved at not getting the respect that we deserve in our feelings. When someone forgets our birthday, do not call back; don’t call him for a party. We like to think about ourselves as a selfless people that are always ready to offer help, but more often we are wrong, and we think that we have used, when the person we were brought up, treated or services, it goes without saying thank you. Watch yourself. Probably, you will notice that feel stung by one of these reasons, almost every day. The usual story: the man did not look in the eye when you are told something, or got to the queue in front of you. Head back to finalize the report with the requirement each declined the invitation to the exhibition.

The most common causes of grievances

Being excluded (not invited to the evening, which was called the other).

  • Being forgotten (someone forgot to close did not recognize congratulate you on birthday or an old friend at the meeting).
  • Being noticed (who do not respond to a greeting, one is not called back or did not respond to a message, colleagues ignored interesting idea).
  • Being rejected (customer turned the project, someone refused the request).
  • When your support somebody, favor or support is not appreciated by the person who received the help.
  • When people are rude and inconsiderate, for example someone squeezes or pushes forward – he is not deserves apologize.

Do not offend in response

"Psychologists call these insults" narcissistic injury "- explains the psychology professor, writer Steve Taylor (Steve Tailor) 1. - They hit the ego made to feel undervalued. In the final analysis, the basis of any offense is precisely this feeling - do not respect us, discount. Resentment - seems to be a common reaction, but it often has dangerous consequences. It can take hold of our consciousness for a few days, opening the psychological wounds that are difficult to heal. We play in the imagination of the incident over and over again until the pain and humiliation of not make us crazy completely. Usually this pain drives us to step back, makes you want to get revenge. This can manifest itself in the opposite neglect: "She did not invite me to the party, so I congratulate her on Facebook birthday"; "Fill not thanked me, well, I will not notice it."