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Conscious control of emotions

One of the main mechanisms of mental regulation of the behavior of each person is the emotional sphere.


According to a recent study, lesbians have more orgasms than straight women

So we can consider that straight guys have something to learn about pleasing women from their lady-loving counterparts.


Are dating sites is dead?

Those days when we have come up with intricate nicknames and have secretly visiting dating sites are gone. Today you are offered a proven circle of acquaintances. Is online anonymity is no longer in need?


It seems that startup becomes a new trend for a whole modern lifestyle

What does it mean? All the advertising, mass- and social media stories and images are about you currently need starting something new – from trying the new toothpaste (“because you cannot afford your life to be so monotonous” – is the main message) to starting a new life.


What if my partner cheating me on the web?

Only one was never jealous who did not feel anything. Jealousy is a makeweight to love. The question is, how impressive it is, to whom jealousy prevents his live and brings a lot of trouble. And also it is important who is jealous - male or female. The difference is great.