It seems that startup becomes a new trend for a whole modern lifestyle

What does it mean? All the advertising, mass- and social media stories and images are about you currently need starting something new – from trying the new toothpaste (“because you cannot afford your life to be so monotonous” – is the main message) to starting a new life.

Nowadays this is actually a trend to solve every problem by “new life”, “new beginning”. Not by beginning again the same (project, aim, important talk). We are badly lack of time but the world we live in is so big, exciting and it offers a wide choice – we want to try everything and have all in the same time. And it becomes difficult to realize what is really important, what is really worth our precious time.

Of course, such startup philosophy has many advantages. Feeling, that everything is possible, is in the air, and it helps to be braver when life really seems to have brought thee into a dead end. Have problems with your job? You fed up with it, or you have lost it? You probably will find your way in the world where such startups as startup that helps to choose a snack to beer with famous actors` voice or the one, that essentially is a chatroulette alternative, for fans of soft drugs… Because now people are ready to pay for different, even rather weird, things. So just remember all these genius ideas you composed with your friends on some hilarious drunken party. It seemed comic then, but who knows, who knows? Make a list of all the ideas for a startup, think about what investments will be needed and is there any chance to recruit friends. Being positive and active, surely, is a great advantage of passion for startups. But let it stay in your professional career life.

What about personal life, this rush and eternal desire for something new may ruin something really special and soulful. In the great variety of new beginnings we should understand what is worth to safe, reorganize, what deserves a second chance. If everything is possible, then must be possible to meet your soulmate, doesn`t it? Such an optimistic conclusion! And having already this vision in your head, it is possible, for example, run your own “mental startup” - the rejection of stereotypes. If it is easy and in fashion to believe in crazy business-ideas, then why not to believe that you can meet your perfect partner in or Free random text chat in laundry, whatever.

By the way, great news for lovers of America: the startup called SwanLuv will help couples who are unable to pay for their wedding, to arrange a lavish celebration. However, there is one "but" – holiday will cost nothing only for married couples whose marriage will be concluded for a whole life.

SwanLuv - US startup that finances the wedding and did not require noting, but only as long as they are not divorced. If the marriage falls apart, already former spouses have to pay company the sum, which cost them a wedding, plus interest rate.