Are dating sites is dead?

Those days when we have come up with intricate nicknames and have secretly visiting dating sites are gone. Today you are offered a proven circle of acquaintances. Is online anonymity is no longer in need?

Imagine. For example, Alice is 25 years old, she works as a photographer and does not hide from friends that her sex life is full of experiments. Alice lives alone, she does not want to have a long-term partner, and loves to get acquainted with the young men and women for dating in applications. "I do not want to leave the bar with suspicious drunk man who could be anyone. For me, much more reliable to find someone in the Tinder or omegle random chat. 80 percent of my friends worry that they would be seen by their chief or somebody from work. What's wrong? Dating site - it's not an orgy, in the end, "- she laughs.

"I do not understand why I should be ashamed of my desires? I do not shout about it at every corner, but if there is a handy application that will help to find what I am looking as quickly as possible, I am ready not to hide any of my name or my photo ", - says Alice.

What if you do not want relationships, but want fast sex? Or go on a date? Or do you have a secret fantasy that is easier to implement with a stranger? But you do not trust anonymous sites because we believe that there are a lot of suspicious people.

Ten years ago, the anonymity and the World Wide Web were practically synonymous. Nicknames were come up even by those who did not hide his identity. The logic was very simple: there is a real life, but there is a virtual, and the second has its own laws and rules. Dating sites dazzled with names like SweetGirl and Macho1982.

A new generation of apps is fashionable, and not marginally. This means that you can gradually give up the anonymity. For example, link your account to Facebook and the program will pull out your real photos or will show friends` or friends` of friends profiles. And then everything is very simple: if someone likes your photo, you get a notification. Do you want to continue? Approve the request and continue to communicate in a personal chat. And vice versa.

To sum it up, If developers think through the right application for dating, they always take into account that there will be more comfortable for the user - an anonymous profile or one that is closer to the open. If you want to just have coffee, take a walk with a young man or woman, find a guide that will show you the city, go to the club or to dinner or stay online and just have a good talk, fine chat (like it happens at Omegle text chat or kind of) - quite soon anonymity would be defeated. The less anonymous profiles, the faster people find partners who suit them, and thus reach their goal faster.