What if my partner cheating me on the web?

Only one was never jealous who did not feel anything. Jealousy is a makeweight to love. The question is, how impressive it is, to whom jealousy prevents his live and brings a lot of trouble. And also it is important who is jealous - male or female. The difference is great.

Jealousy often turns into a kind of game, in a way to diversify relations by means of scandals over secure, far-fetched reasons. Kind of: “Who left in your car this hairpin?" (While girl threw it herself), or "What's the new guy in your friend list on "Facebook? And why he so impertinently comments your pictures in a bikini swimsuit?", or:" If that bitch will call you again, your phone will be accidentally broken against the wall!"

Girls on purpose provoke boyfriend`s jealousy attacks - telling him about what a splash in the team made her new dress or about her ex-boyfriend who recently once again declared his love, or what a compliment she got on the beach.

This is just an occasion to reflect: she clearly lacks attention. Why men do not act so? Maybe because in every situation it turns out that he is guilty at least of dirty thoughts.

Who will believe that you are staring at a stranger`s ass in public transport just to cause jealousy in your girlfriend? Come on, you obviously want this girl from the bus.

Also to be jealous of the past life is a female trait. Blaming men on something like this, women simply transfer to them its own characteristics. They are much more obsessed with memories. Many impulsive ladies suffer some kind of irrational jealousy of their boyfriends` ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.

Men, in turn, are jealous of girls to everything that is outside of their common little world. To work, fitness clubs and dance, great enthusiasm, to her friends and traveling ... There is a tyrant, who would like to hide his darling in the high tower that anyone can get her, even in every calm and good guy.

But once I heard the story about couple who were, as they say, two of a kind. And it turned out that they had the same “jealousy style”. Imagine - she is jealous and suspects him of flirting with other girls in Text chat. She creates a fake account on one of such chats and writes him under another name. The conversation is very pleasant, interesting and fun, but he does not hide that he has a girlfriend, and behaves decently. She calms down a bit, besides she also communicates with the other guys, if they are interesting personalities. In the end it turned out that he created a fake account on the same omegle chat to check her too. They did not break up. They realized that all this time they were focused more on the mythical problems than on real advantages of each other. That desire to communicate with that fake account meant desire to communicate with their partner. They remembered that they can give each other excitement, sincere laughter and relaxed atmosphere.