Conscious control of emotions

One of the main mechanisms of mental regulation of the behavior of each person is the emotional sphere. Emotions are an integral part of the life of each of us to reflect in the form of direct experience of fear or love of pleasure or pain, sorrow or joy man's relation to other objects or subjects of the world. Gradually evolved from simple instinctual emotional processes (reducing to the secretory, motor and organic changes), emotions found a pronounced binding to express personal assessment to have arisen or hypothetical situations. Sometimes a vivid expression of emotions is much more informative than the usual words. Emotions have a direct impact on the internal state of a person, such as facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice are directly dependent on the test in the specific situation of emotions and feelings. The ability to consciously control their emotions must be a modern man in everyday life. Excessive emotionality, as well as indifference, that are a complete lack of emotional involvement, equally interferes with normal communication and activities. There are a number of simple emotions effective management practices. Firstly, you need to accept yourself the way there - with all the advantages and disadvantages. Increased emotionality is not a vice, but it must be fought, and this - a characteristic, and believe me, you will also surrounding this as you are. But remember that others intuitively feel the "golden mean", with the most unbalanced person will still keep your distance. Keep eye on our omegle random chat blog – new articles are coming constantly!

Secondly, it is important to determine the cause of uncontrollable emotions

For example, for one it can be accused of anything, another critic. The most important thing is to identify exactly what your opponents' words are thus "trigger" when you cannot adequately perceive the situation and emotions prevail. This step of determining the emotion you want to manage is not easy, as you will require self-control and perseverance. There are also techniques developed by psychologists to help achieve the conscious control of emotions. Once in a stressful situation, perform breathing exercises, breathing deeply and imagining that breathe clean, fresh air and exhale hot steam, which goes along with fear and anger.

Imagination is a great power

When suddenly you feel that tension and anger reached its critical point, you are ready to scream or hit your opponent - it is better do it in your fantasies. You can also "isolate" them from the stimulus of high blank wall or build a soundproof canopy. Ultimately, the most important thing - it's your sense of security and the ability to take him in hand. Interpretive techniques can also help - no matter whether it is a drawing of the offender faces a pencil, or you want to sculpt the image of his fear of clay. Any expression of negative emotions through creativity will help, firstly, to recognize them, and secondly, to stop being afraid and, thirdly - you can always "straightened" with them, breaking figure drawing or breaking into small pieces. Imagine that people are causing you certain emotions is a kind of trainer, permanent employment which will help to effectively deal with the problem.

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