According to a recent study, lesbians have more orgasms than straight women

So we can consider that straight guys have something to learn about pleasing women from their lady-loving counterparts. Here some easy and simple tricks, but if you are really if you are really interested, try to learn more at some Lesbian chat. Strive to learn - not ashamed, and your girl will be pleased.

  1. Get out of bed! Chairs, kitchen counters, washing machines and cars are great places to have sex and, except the car, they're close from the bed, and all of them are even not extreme. It sounds trivially, but a lot of people don't get out of bed often enough, so make the effort to change that.
  2. Make a hot or conversely romantic playlist for you two, create a mood. “My girlfriend and I usually putt on a Spotify playlist that has sexy music, sometimes we make it together. It really sets a special unforgettable atmosphere, turning our reality into a passionate movie with perfect soundtrack. Move to the beat – that`s especially awesome.” – says Emma, my interlocutor from omegle chat alternative.
  3. Pay attention to all her desires and wishes. If you really notice woman's nonverbal cues, she'll tell you exactly what she wants without saying a word. If you observe how she carries herself, what her body language is like, and how she's interacting with you, you'll be able to tell if she wants you to fuck her, have sex with her, or make love to her. This is really important because the sex won't be as good if you're not giving her what she really wanted. Also she will be pretty impressed that you could figure out what she wanted without her words. 
  4. Ask her what she really likes. Yes, a lot of women would prefer for you to know what they like, but if you don't, they'll be just as happy to get specific about what they do like and how they like it. Asking her to be specific is always better than having you try to figure it out and fail and then no one's happy.
  5. Ask if you can watch her touch herself. This is maybe the most perfect and sexy way to learn what a partner likes cause she's actually showing you (and it's hot as hell because for its intimacy).  
  6. Her clit is not her only erogenous zone. Oh, here we have a classic mistake! Everything is clear without words. Do not forget that each woman is unique! Go forward and look for.
  7. Don`t be shy to ask for what you really want.  It's important for you to be honest about what you like too. Thus the sex will be more awesome for both of you. Then you're both getting exactly what you want because you talked about it with each other first.  
  8. Don't make yourselves to have sex at a certain time. If you haven't had sex for a while, you might feel like you need to have sex soon or else, which doesn't really lend itself to great sex. Allowing yourselves to become intimate whenever you're in the mood again will increase the likelihood of you getting in the mood often, so relax.
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