Some good advices for those who love to use webcam chat sites

Our best friend World Wide Web has a lot of birthdays, and recently there was a day when the first publicly-available web page was born. That's great and it is worth celebrating by remembering our fun and rapid “evolution” in the network and all those weird or even stupid things that in the end was an important part of our lives and youth.

  1. An actual and separated from the computer web camera. It could take the form of different cartoon characters and other nonsense, and was more like some toy. It was attached by a plastic clip and we hardly used it cause we had no idea how to set this webcam up. Maybe we should use a floppy disk? Oh really? Floppy disk, LOL.
  2. LOL. By the way, do you remember all this stuff with LOL, AML, ACE, BFF, BIH and so on and so on? Now for all this occasions and even for pretty important expressions we have emojis and, of course, it is not much more serious, but we remember it as an outdated fashion of pointed toe shoes or something like this. We laugh at ourselves from the past, but fashion always comes back, and in fact - all the sameJ. And if someone was on the phone when you aimed to log in roulette chat, well, balls! But not balls on chat roulette.
  3. And another - free text chat, or chat rooms. It may seem weird or even more – dangerous now. But we used to see world in another lights then. And in all those chat rooms were a lot of users like us – young, curious, and rather shy. With that strangers you sometimes could discuss such problems or dreams, you couldn`t afford with close friends or family. Distance pulled together and the lack of sufficient information about the interlocutor meant the inability to label.
  4. The Sims. You can`t forget it, you have all game apps and secret passwords to gain more money and other useful stuff and functions. It was so fun to create that fake family with very, very extraordinary live, problems and behavior. With Sims you could spend at the computer for about three hours. And it seemed too much! After this you had almost something like a hangover. Child version, ha-ha.
  5. One fine day all the boys in a usual gang joined World of Warcraft. Then the girls did. Because we really wanted to spend time together even on such conditions. Oh, and because the game turned out to be really awesome and exciting.
  6. We used to write probably every letter in our emails and posts in a different color (you must try them all!) also alternating between upper and lower case letters. And our nicknames contained a bunch of symbols and "ornaments" made of punctuation marks.
  7. With the GOOGLE`s help we searched high quality photos of our favorite music bands like Sum-41 or Green Day. We needed it to update our desktop background.