How to learn on your mistakes? As a refuse helps in personal develop

Denial can get you to do something better. But you have to learn how to take it. Start with the order not to take rejection personally. Instead of asking yourself, "What is wrong with me?", Look at the rejected work.

Look closely. Can you see what she's missing? Or maybe, the way you choose to achieve your dreams, it is not suitable for this?

Artist Dalvud Dexter said in his address to the students: "If you want your ideas to be successful, be prepared for failure a frequent. They come in a set. «Disclaimer - this is part of the production process and an integral part of art. A great example - a creative way James Dyson , the British inventor, which has given a modern hand dryers and a cyclonic vacuum cleaner G-Force. With our alternative chat roulette you may find new friends!

Dyson believes failure is very useful thing.

His project for the creation of a vacuum cleaner bagless survived 5127 modifications and countless failures from retailers. After the launch of the latest inventions, dryer Airblade Tap hand, mounted to the mixer, James Dyson told the BBC: «Failures - is the best medicine for as long as you continue to learn something." After experiencing a failure, you have something you recognize - exactly what help waivers. It pushes you to do something again and make it better. Andreas Eriksson (Andreas Eriksson), professor of the University of Colorado, examined the habits of children learning to play the violin since the age of five until adulthood. He discovered that a significant factor in determining the success was that the number of hours of practice the young violinist dedicated music as he wanted to improve his game. Check out our live chat rooms with cam!

Writer Malcolm Gladwell (Malcolm Gladwell) popularized the idea, which became known as the "rule of 10, 000 hours."

This means that in order to succeed and reach the heights in the business, you will need about 10 000 hours of work, criticism and constructive response to it. Some people, when faced with failure, wondering when they should stop trying. The answer is - never. If you have a dream, something, what you believe and what you want to achieve, keep going to his goal.