Finally Spring! Finally, you can remove the cap and scarf, stop wrap up in a heavy down jacket and wake up from hibernation! Put a face to the sun, dressed in coat for slight figure; eat ice cream on a bench in the park and the dream of capturing annual spring World.

But to look perfect in the moment when the world will meekly submit them to you, I will give some general advice on skin care. In the spring the skin of any type in one degree or another becomes sensitive. The reasons for this vary: beriberi, cold weather, lack of fresh air / too dry indoor air, the appearance of the bright sun, from which the skin is unaccustomed. At this time, defects on the face (wrinkles, dull complexion, and inflammation) are particularly noticeable, because the skin over the winter has become more dry and brittle. We have a good alternative to chatroulette for you!

Features skincare spring depends on its type, but there are general guidelines for all skin types.

An experienced dermatologist / cosmetologist always advise you to treat almost any problem on the surface of the skin from the inside. Skin - a mirror and the internal state of balance. It is useless just to smear the top pimples when in bowel problems. It is useless to simply wash your hair with shampoo for hair loss, if the body lacks vitamins and minerals. It is useless to smear the face cream with extract of "skins * ops dragon", if skin cells are starving. Then I will not continue. I think the idea is all so clear.

Skin Restoring spring also start from the inside:

Compliance with the water balance.

After a long winter, the skin is dehydrated, it is necessary to return the elasticity and hydration. The rate of drinking regimen for each individual person: about 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. It is better to drink alkaline water to the cells it was easier to learn and to spend less energy. It is also useful to brew high-quality green tea, making fresh water juice. Just look at this chat room with strangers!

Proper nutrition.

I know that you are tired of listening about it. It makes no sense that a treat and restore the body, if the parallel eat anything that has got and how horrible. Early spring in Moscow useless to advise eat more vegetables and fruits: our local yet, and overseas - of dubious quality and content. Ideally, if you still have stocks from the autumn!