Drinking regime: how many and what kind of water we drink?

We hear that a person needs to drink about 8 glasses of water a day. About maintaining water balance repeat both doctors and nutritionists, and "experts on Detox." But does this mean that we should really be put into two liters of water, without feeling thirsty? And what should be the very water that we need? If you are need something amazing, we have three words for you: people roulette website!

In the summer I took Panchakarma, during which was recommended by Ayurveda doctor, in addition to other topics, we touched upon the issue of drinking regime.  

And it turned out that I do not recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day. That is the conclusion the doctor came on the basis of various data, including my constitution, and my complaints. If a person drinks a lot of water, not thirsty and not allowing her to go outside, it can badly affect and state of health, and on the appearance (swelling in the morning - familiar story?). When I thought about and considered the amount of water to drink throughout the day me, I was a little shocked - about 3 liters! And this despite the fact that most of the day, I almost do not move while working at the computer. Of course, I did not call you to reduce the amount of your daily water standards, but should reflect. Look at your state vote. Perhaps you, like me, to go too far. Tired of boring job? Check out this live chat strangers webcam site! 

The second and equally important issue concerns the quality of water and the state you choose.

That is to use only purified filtered water, I think everyone knows. But what temperature should the water be? Imagine a nice glass with berry lemonade and ice cubes, which just asks you to hand to refresh you in hot weather or after exercise. But after drinking a glass of cold water, you cannot help yourself, and vice versa. If we turn to Ayurveda, which takes care of the digestive system work, then cold water negatively affects the Agni - the fire of digestion, which should be in balance. Imagine an ordinary fire, where you can prepare food: if it is too weak, then the food will be prepared for a long time, and if the strong - the food may burn.

Approximately the same story with the digestive fire.

Thus, the cold water quenches Agni almost completely: the body needs to spend energy to warm the cold liquid to body temperature. And this energy could be useful for the digestive system and metabolism. In addition, some studies indicate problems with the digestion of fat after drinking cold drinks.