Cult of work is killing. Save yourself, part 2

Balance - this is the first tool that will save you from the clutches of the cult.

Start with health. Do not miss a visit to the gym because you're busy. Semi-finished products are not absorbed because there is no time to cook. Then think about the hobby. You all the time on the computer and work, work? Lost everything, because busy? And what about your own life? Friends no longer call - know that you have no time. Sometimes the only person with whom you are thrown a couple of words is the courier who brings a business lunch. If you love alternative chatroulette sites – our suggestion is would keep your eyes on.

The canary in the mine, or how I shaved my own beard

At the end of 2012 I was engaged in major projects in my career (at the time) - with the sale of a "Black Friday" site for a large trading company. I was scared and worried. Such a project could translate my company to the next level, and I decided to do everything in my power to make it better. Designers have great ideas; I stayed at work to make sure we have time to translate everything. We offered a breakthrough idea, based on the use of the latest technologies. The client liked, and then he intervened bureaucracy. Lawyers have made changes: the brand representation contrary to the law. Designers behind schedule – this is too much. By the time the design was approved, the entire project was left one-third of the scheduled time. And as it came to "Black Friday", to postpone it was impossible. Either we had time, or it was a complete failure.

I was exhausted. I was delirious. But, damn it, I could.

Not to be defeated, I spent the last few days before a sellout at work. For four days I have sleep about a six hours. I missed a family dinner on Thanksgiving Day, to devote all the forces at work last spurt. The client was ecstatic. The site has won several awards. I think that over the weekend they performed the annual sales rate. Our live video streaming chat rooms are just amazing; you can visit it on your own just for free!

How do you know if you're under the influence of the cult?

Clear signs that you are sucked into the sect, as follows:

  • You often work more than 40 hours a week.
  • Often sleep less than six hours a day.
  • Do you feel guilty for something that does not spend time working (even if they devote hours of family and friends).

This does not happen overnight. The cult is gaining supporters gradually. When this happens, we do not recognize. But foolish to deceive themselves. Yes, it is a sect.