Affair on the job – pros and cons

If we talk about office romance you should be ready for all its advantages and disadvantages and all unpredictable ridiculous details. Among pluses - first, your performance increases under the influence of the hormones produced by the body, and secondly, you feel more confident, do not hesitate giving their suggestions and defending rights. Of course, all these nice bonus are only possible when your mutual sympathy and your relations are developing in a positive way. Let`s focuse on the following rules of love in a large office:

Before you dive into the affair, make sure that the management of your company understands the love in the workplace - unfortunately, unfortunately office romance does not always has its happy end and t is not necessary to risk your career  for it.

Discuss the situation with your partner and part-time employee, to shed light on his and your own expectations from this relationship and agree on how you will behave in the office - showing everyone that you are a couple or not advertising your  feelings.

Stay professional. Your playful mood will be noticed not only by the object of flirtation, but also by other colleagues, which may provoke unease in communication. Keep your emotions in check and remember that If you and your partner break up, all the company's attention will be focused on you - behave with dignity and spoke of the ex only in a respectful tone.

In general, the affair at work, if it is successful, has a lot of pluses, it is always accompanied by a lot of interesting stories. Maybe that's why office romance is often a subject for movies. But some cases are hard to come up in purpose. Especially, if you are not straight. Someone can still wary, but someone with an unhealthy interest invites you to get acquainted "with one interesting guy/girl". Hey, I'm a grown man. I do not feel hopeless and cope with my personal life by myself! But one of my friends did not tell in the office that he was gay. The chief was very conservative solid man with exemplary Connecticut family with white fences and so on. What was his surprise when he stumbled upon his boss at some alternative to chatroulette project Gay chat! No, they have not had an affair according to all the laws of the genre. The boss was not to his taste, and vice versa. But in the office jungle sometimes an occasion for mutual blackmail holds better than sweet love!

Actually the reason office romances are judged is that men more often do it for passion, but female do it to get ahead and built a career.

According to a recent survey of eight thousands workers by one of the job-search websites four out of ten employees have dated some one from work; 18 percent have more than one time. It makes sense: Nowadays there are more singles in the offices, than ever before, spending more than half their  days on the job. With colleagues there’s proximity and common interests, not to mention ease of and saving of time.