Why are we afraid to talk to strangers?

Why are we afraid to talk to strangers

Did you know that more than half the world's population has difficulty in communicating? The main inhibiting factor is the fear of being misunderstood, ridiculed, fears of being left out of the social circle.

The struggle that takes place within us, when we decide to start a dialogue with a stranger is a regular and normal internal conflict. Why is normal? Because you are all well! Worrying about what impression you will make on others is normally. But the lack of interest in dialogue with people is a sign of mental disorder.

Why am I afraid?

  • If family members are wary of strangers, afraid of the invasion of their personal space, then this way of interpersonal interaction is the only normal and correct within the family. Simply put, otherwise you simply cannot teach, because you do not know how to do it.
  • Overprotective parents. Parents were too considerate, so the rest is deceptively presented hostile to you.
  • Lack of parental love. We think that if the most native people do not love me, why do anyone has to love me?

The reasons may be different but the result is the same: in interpersonal communication there is something that people do not know how to do. Most often, to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the relationship with them.

 What should I do?

 If you continue reading this article, then you choose for a constructive solution to the problem.

To begin you need just try to imagine the worst thing that can happen if you have to start a conversation with a stranger. Develop a plan of action and retreat. Ask yourself what would happen if I confused? And answer to yourself: it does not matter, anything happens. But the next time you start the conversation you do in in another way. All you need is to play such situations in your mind to be prepared for them.

After getting acquainted with the theory of one actor games, when you mentally or in couple with a mirror beaten situation, it's time for the most difficult - for action. There is no point reading the article and something to remember, if you then do not use it ever. Excellent practice becomes acquainted with the help of sites like chatroulette. This allows you to quickly obtain useful communication skills because in seconds you get access to different interlocutors. Thus, if the dialogue went wrong and you feel insecure, you can immediately turn to another person and try again.

The negative experience of the past must be removed aside. Try to buy up new practical skills. Relationships with others are a joy, decide what do you want? Relaxed and good-natured go to meet others. Does not adjusting to the others but do it like you wants to.

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