The only way of success is to come to terms with your failures.

All known creators, from JK Rowling to James Dyson, experienced the painful feeling of failure. But if you know how to learn this, the faults and failures can become the fuel of success. Nobody wants to be rejected. Take risks, try to get in the end be rejected. But if you want to succeed in any area of ​​life, we must accept the possibility that you refused. You have no choice: either you take any chance, without fear of failure, or live in the certainty that never realized their dreams. Read more with our amazing alternative to chatroulette webcam chat blog!

You lose 100% when you don’t use the chance

For writers, their failures are regular thing rather than something exceptional. For example, JK Rowling (Joanne Rowling) has published two letters to Twitter denials that it has received in response to the manuscript, signed by the name Robert Galbraith. Best-selling author Joanne Harris says: "I got so many refusals from publishing" Chocolate, "which made a sculpture of them." And other well-known writers, including James Joyce, George Orwell and John le Carré, experienced many failures before they were finally published the book. And, despite the pain of rejection and the subsequent rewriting of rejected manuscripts, as a result of their work was only better. If you like to use chat room with strangers – our chat is exactly what you need!

Why it is so painful?

Why the refusal so upset us? After all, failure is almost never life threatening. The essence lies in our interdependence. To people prospered, it is necessary to society. In a period of growth and maturation of a person cannot do without other people if no one will take care of the child, to give him the love and attention, he will die. That is why it is so important to us approval, love and harmony in relationships with others. Sometimes, for us it is a necessary condition for survival. And the more you will depend on the approval and the opinions of others, who judge your work, the worse you will feel during the failure. It also explains why the failure hurts more if your job was personal - an expression of yourself or who you want to be. This is the first thing to understand about the negative emotions failure. If, rather than sink into depression and feel useless, you think about that, you might say, physiological dependence on society, it becomes easier.