The new psychological study

The new psychological study found that women who were clamed as heterosexuals were aroused when exposed to stimulating female looks.

The psychologist, lecturer who led the study, explaines: "Most ladies responded to two videos of sexy male and female with substantial genital arousal as well as pupil dilation"- meaning their actually subconscious responses were bi-sexual, definitely not straight, despite of how they self-identifies themselves.

But in other hand, the study confirmed one more detail. Women who self-identify themselves as lesbians are more attracted to women, it means that none of the women were more attracted to guys. Really none of account more than three hundreds of participants. As a conclusion - none of the women (both gay and straight ones) responded strongly to men than to women.

We can see this study as a refreshing reminder that everyone is at least a little bit gay nonetheless.

Continuing the theme, it is not always easy to be bi. The thing is in stereotypes of society, cheater`s among bisexuals and common pressure to "pick a side," not to mention the fact that bi people are more likely to be closeted and face higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression and other, so coming out as bisexual can turn out a huge challenge. But there are also lots of things, great and tiny details, that are really awesome.

You never have to muse about your sexuality cause you're attracted to someone. If your identity includes being open to all genders` people, then scoping out that pretty girl/handsome guy/hot genderqueer person on the dance floor just calls for working up the nerve to go ask for their number. The same happens online – surfing some random chat sites like omegle, you are not constrained by gender. It becomes much easier to dismiss perverts and to dismiss more decisively simply boring persons: every Free lesbian chat (or gay) like an every straight fits for you.

Also you can easily, without damaging your nerves, give up men or give up women without giving up love and adventures. Everyone had once the awful breakup that makes you want to wash your hands of whole the gender, that broke your heart. Oh, at least for a few weeks. For a straight girl or a lesbian, that means a period of loneliness and inner conflict, which isn't always a bad thing if you need it to regain your emotional equilibrium. But if you're bi, you can swear off men for a year and still have a wonderful sex every night.

And you can pursue a relationship with anyone you think is rad, regardless of gender.It's hard enough to find someone who shares your sense of humor, challenges you intellectually, turns you on, and your BFF approves of — can you imagine how much more difficult that would be if you took half the human race out of the running, right off the bat?

Eventually, you have a million sexual possibilities! Lots of straight people — and even some gay people — assume that "sex" describes only one or maybe two activities. But when your experience includes sleeping with people of multiple genders, you learn quickly that there are so many more possibilities. Being bisexual can allow you to expand your horizons, try new things for better sex for everyone.