Let’s talk about gay people on the Internet and real life

According to the press release of one of the large adult websites, people in anti-gay states usually watch much more gay porn. So besides state legislature may can to pass laws which life more difficult for the local LGBT residents, they cannot do nothing with gays` choice online – what would they watch to masturbate, with whom would they chat at something like omegle chatroulette, and what would they do in a Free gay chat. So as example, in Mississippi, where an anti-gay law just have been passed, there is a huge percentage of people, who watches gay porn. Exactly - sixth place all over the country for the gay porn-related searches. Texas, another state that is known for having incredibly restrictive anti-LGBT attitude, ranked high, coming only behind New York, California, and Ohio. 

I don't know if you can count watching gay porn a form of protest against your state's backwards laws, but maybe it should count? Keep on doing what you're doing, Mississippi and Texas. At least your lawmakers can't take your internet connections away from you too.

Interestingly, how all these many gays remain unnoticed in society in these states? Surprise, maybe because gays did not differ from the straight? And, accordingly, simply cannot "undermine" the life of this "exemplary" state? Here are some things not to say to gay ot someone who has a gay sibling or friend…

  1. "He/she is gay? I never would have guessed! She doesn't look like." Because no one looks. Because there's just no such way to "look gay." What do you think he or she supposed to look?
  2. "Is she or he the girly or the manly one?" My friend is just himself! Sexuality doesn't define how feminine a person is. There are a lot of straight girls who are tomboys, not to mention the metrosexual men.
  3. "Does he or she ever flirt with your friends the opposite sex?" Because a gay hits on every person of the same sex he/she talks to, right? Nope. For example, my  gay sister would not hit on my girl friends the same way a straight brother wouldn't hit on them. Gay girls are can be friends with straight girls, the same as gay men can be friends with a straight men.
  4. "Are you OK with it?" I am healthy, happy, and loved; so yes, I am more than OK, apart from these weird questions.
  5. "Are there any other gay people in your family?" Ah yes, we have a long family line of gays and my sister inherited it. She's also prone to allergies and gets a bad cough when it's humid. Oh wait, no, sexuality isn't hereditary!
  6. "Wow, your lesbian sister dresses really well! Or "Your gay friend looks so manly!” Yes, and — you might want to be sitting for this —the dress better than 90 percent of the straight people I know. This is the question of education and taste, not sexual orientation.  I am going to send you back to No. 1 one more time.