I Love.

The April theme «Moments of inspiration» project is perhaps one of the most important for each of us! Thus, the "reason for joy". Fit them in readable post format is quite difficult, because the reasons for joy a great many, but sometimes, unfortunately, in the domestic affairs, hard working, we forget about them ... are transformed into robots that perform tasks to do list and forgetting about yourself. I urge anyone who does not yet have such besides the list, pleasing his items / cases to write at least ten, and often return to it, because to please or indulge yourself need most in order not to lose the taste for life, to recharge the mental strength and fill the treasury of inspiration! If you want to yell wtf in chat – we know where you can do it!

What makes my heart beat faster with smiling eyes, ears, lips?

I love my home and my family, our little tradition, and it is a unique feeling of home, of security. I love my family for their support and for the fact that take me as I am, love and appreciate me for that. I like to bury them in the top of the head and breathe in the sweet smell of their mother, I love when the kids on a weekend resort early in the morning, takes us under the covers, poke cool heels and delicate handles hug you. I love our long lunches and chatty evening, I like to holiday with them and all of our secrets.

I like to dream.

I like mysterious foreboding dreams when the idea was born in my heart, it is still ephemeral and unformed. I love it when starting the search, visualization, and when the dream comes in the shower head is made into something concrete and very welcome. Then there is the signs and opportunities that lead you slowly and surely to the goal, sometimes there are twists and turns, sometimes fall, but looking back, you realize that it was a long road to the dream. Our strangers chat rooms are amazing!

I love music - and a different mood.

I love the evening after work, to include background music or friends to walk with iPod and the maximum sound, I like female vocals and velvet Negro vote. I love music because it is volatile and leaves in memory accompaniment to every witness, like listening to music in the queues and beat the rhythm leg, catching the good bewildered smile.

I love to make gifts.

I like to think out how I will give them will look like packaging, that will tell or write to the card. I love the anticipation of a holiday for his family. When you cook a surprise, and you bursting from within, because you want to tell, and rejoice with them, but ... is not the time and this is a surprise)